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Afro Nova is an Afro-European streetwear brand, based in Germany.

What started as self-made accessories for us and our friends, turned into a young and enthusiastic fashion brand. Since 2017, the two of us, both of European and African descent, can proudly call ourselves the faces of our brand Afro Nova.

We believe that the variety of different cultures need to be preserved and appreciated. For us, globalization offers a chance to interact with and celebrate different cultures, rather than the attempt to erase our cultural differences.
We understand the importance of equality on a global level and we know that difference and diversity are an enrichment to humanity as well as to individuals.
Acknowledging, understanding and valuing different cultures is the foundation of being a global citizen and matters now more than ever.

Since we have chosen to combine our African- European identities and unite their respective aesthetics, Afro Nova is inclusive to everyone, regardless of heritage, skin color, religion, gender, sexual orientation or sense of belonging. 

We aim to support and empower small business owners in different African countries by giving micro-loans to individuals who aspire to grow their businesses. This year we started cooperating with Kiva, an international non-profit organization that enables financially excluded people to build a secure existence through crowdfunding loans. We have already contributed to a loan for a young seamstress in Senegal and a female entrepreneur in Rwanda who aim to expand their businesses.

Inspired by our African heritage and European practicality, we support the known fundamental idea of unity in diversity!

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